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Zirconia non-metal implants

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Our modern holistic practice aims to help people maintain healthy, good looking teeth for life. To do this we have the following underlying policies:

  • Prevention
  • Kindness
  • Technical Excellence
  • Biologically Considerate
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

The practice is a general practice (albeit with different underlying principles). General practice to me is a lovely situation. We have a relationship that usually continues for many years. We perform routine dentistry such as fillings and importantly the hygiene and preventive dentistry.

Where my skills are inadequate or a root canal is desired I refer to outside specialists to create the best care for my patients.

The principles I follow mean that many people who first come here have a lot of dentistry in the first year or two after they come here. This is necessary to firstly change from the old paradigm dentistry to the new e.g. amalgam removal. Sometimes this takes years. Then we usually only have to maintain the new work which mostly involves visiting the hygienist and check ups.