Zirconia non-metal implants

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Did you know?

Mercury fillings have been banned in Sweden and Germany.

Treatment Rooms

All of our surgeries are large, open planned rooms which let in plenty of natural light.

Treatment Rooms 1 & 2

These state of the art rooms are designed for restorative (i.e. crowns, bridges, fillings) and oral surgery which are meticulously performed by Dr Howard and his highly trained staff.

Each room is fitted with the Spaceline HPO chairs (which are flat beds), x-ray units, laughing gas equipment (nitrous oxide). All water used in the practice is filtered and we have a wide range of music to listen to while you are having treatment with your own headset.

Treatment Rooms 3 & 4

These are the rooms where our patients can have their teeth professionally debrided of plaque and tartar (cleaned) by the Dental Hygienist.

These rooms are again equipped with laughing gas equipment (nitrous oxide) and personalised CD players for your maximum tooth spa experience.

Our Dental Hygienists will assess your gum status at every visit and advise you on your specific requirements.

Children’s Playpen

This area is designed for the children to occupy their time while they wait for their treatment or parents.

The play pen has a child proof locking door which can either enclose the pen or swing out to secure the main doorway entrance.

The pen also has:

  • toys
  • videos
  • chalk boards
  • books