Zirconia non-metal implants

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Your First Visit

What to Expect

That we run on time. We understand everyone is short on time and make it our priority to see you at your scheduled appointment. Emergencies have minimal impact as we allocate time each day to address these.

Sometimes no treatment is performed on your first appointment, depending on the purpose of your visit. This is especially so in the case of consultations and second opinions. However, if you have booked in for an examination and hygiene visit, then this will be performed. We like to take the time to go through all your treatment options so you can make an informed decision. This is important, as our options can be considerably different and perhaps controversial.

We quote your treatment upfront. At the end of your consultation we can organise a treatment plan summary detailing the costs and item numbers of the proposed treatment. This is so you can contact your insurance provider and find out how much your gap will be. No one enjoys financial misunderstandings. We request that patients settle their accounts at each visit.

Many of our services have a guarantee. For example our normal fillings have an 18-month warrantee. Crown and bridge work offers a 5 year amortised guarantee depending on which material is used. Complementary homoeopathics are also available to aid in healing along with bach flower remedies.

If you have any further queries please call us on: 02 9436 1211

Why Patients make their first Dental Appointment


We have many people who initially enter the practice due to pain. Often they have been meaning to see us for several years and never got around to it or they have been putting it off due to fear of dentistry.

Our invariable regimen is to give all the options, including the conventional approach and then act to get them out of pain. Often this appointment can provide a breakthrough for anxious patients. Frequently these people find that the treatment is not as bad as they had expected or that our simple, mild and economical sedation technique works such that they can now attend and have their unmet dental needs or desires met.

People who wish to eliminate dental toxicities

Usually these people appoint and have one or three x-rays (as required) and a long consultation. The consultation is aimed to determine the patient’s needs and wants, to clarify what an holistic approach is and then finally treatment plan the desired outcome. People can then move along the new path at their desired speed.


People who no longer want (or need) amalgam or root canals but want to change them only as they fail. These people desire to have the old fillings removed safely i.e. no mercury down the throat or inhaled and no arguments with a dentist who is pro-amalgam.

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