Zirconia non-metal implants

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What is Holistic Dentistry?

Toxic Chemicals

The main offender is of course mercury from dental amalgam fillings in the mouth. Dental amalgam is the main source of human mercury exposure. Mercury is a known poison, in the top 5 naturally occurring poisons (it is much more toxic than lead or arsenic). It leaks from all "silver" amalgam fillings, accumulates in the body and causes mercury toxicity.

Does it make common sense to implant a material that leaks a known poison into the body? Some say that the amount that leaks is insignificant - that is certainly true for some - but how do you tell who can cope with it?

It is reasonable to expect that the frail, stressed, diabetic people may not cope as well. One may cope for a while but as the amount in the body increases over the years the ability to cope may decrease.

Toxic chemicals kill cells or can block enzymes. This may stop normal production of cells.

Root Canals have also been connected to the release of toxic chemicals such as endotoxin from the residual bacteria that live in the dentine tubules after root canal therapy is competed.