Zirconia non-metal implants

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What is Holistic Dentistry?

Dental Interference Fields

The third major problem is dental interference fields. These are small electrical disturbances in the body. Interference fields are thought to be the cause of about one third of all illness. Like a computer, the brain processes lots of information and then sends out commands to the body to maintain normal regulation of its system, eg. input information says thyroid hormone level is too low, the brain sends a message to increase thyroid hormone production - this is the normal regulatory mechanism.

What has been found is that interference fields can create "wrong" information which the brain processes and this creates wrong outputs and corrupts the body's ability to regulate itself.

Regulatory disturbance may manifest in blood pressure problems, ovary regulatory problems (very common with dead front teeth) and many others.

An example of a common sense interference field is the galvanic cell created by having different metals in the mouth. In high school chemistry, one learned that two different metals in a salt solution create a battery. Saliva is salty! In conventional dentistry many metals from mercury to stainless steel to gold are used and the current created can be up to 3500 times the normal current nerves run on.

If you put 3500 times the normal current through your toaster it works differently - so does the body. People worry about radiation from electrical wires and digital clocks but ignore the huge charges within. An holistic dentist would minimise the use of metals and its required aim would be to have only one (non-allergic) metal in the mouth to prevent the generation of these huge currents.

Interference fields often follow acupuncture meridians and by reading this chart one can often link specific teeth and problems.