Zirconia non-metal implants

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Did you know?

Amalgam fillings contain copper, zinc, silver, tin and mercury.

Amalgam Removal & Mercury Detoxification

Amalgam Removal

    Dental Procedure
    Dental Procedure
    Dental Procedure
    Dental Procedure
  • Compatibility (allergy) testing for replacement materials.
  • In the surgery environment:
    1. Rubber dam is used
    2. High speed suction & high speed burs are used
    3. Oxygen administration while removing amalgams.
  • Quality control check after the last amalgam is removed to ensure total amalgam removal has taken place.
  • Additional chelating agents available to help in excretion of mercury in conjunction with detox program.

Mercury Detoxification

Two levels of detox are available at the practice:

  • Level One involves utilizing specific antioxidants and some naturopathic supplements.
  • Level Two is in addition to Level One and uses a chelating drug that removes mercury and other heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. This more specifically targets neurological tissue.

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