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Tension and headaches can be caused by your bite.

Individualized Treatment Planning

Dr David Howard & Client
Dr David Howard & Client
Dr David Howard & Client
Dr David Howard & Client

Everyone is different. Where patients present with an emergency or pain we react and treat that specific problem. However, we advise that we haven’t assessed the rest of the mouth and prefer to do an individual treatment plan.

Usually this involves some discussion of different treatment philosophies and aims. We try then to tailor treatment objectives to the patient’s requirements. Many patients do not understand the breadth of aims that people present with. For example some patients never want to loose a tooth, some want a holistic approach, some place appearance as more important, others want reliability.

If, for example, we are discussing changing to an holistic approach we go through some of the theory and outline a plan. Once this is determined the patient can then decide the implementation. Some decide to do all in 2-3 appointment, others do a quarter of the mouth per year or even one tooth whenever they can.

With cosmetic problems, very clear understandings must be reached so that the outcomes matches the expectation. Too often in Dentistry we hear of cosmetic outcomes being promised that are not delivered or even possible to deliver due to either lack of ability and/or communication.

A good treatment plan and discussion creates an understanding by patient and doctor of what is possible, desirable and importantly, considers future consequences of any choices. It also creates financial clarity for all concerned.

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