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Mercury Poisoning – Neurological?

Mercury Poisoning – Neurological?

Ronald J. Watkins, D.C

The CBS television program, “60 Minutes,” on December 12, 1990 featured several persons who made spectacular recovery within weeks after having amalgam fillings removed from their teeth. Two others whom I know personally had similar response with relief from chronic aches and pains after mercury removal.

How can this possibly happen? It is not magic and is not imagination. Let us consider some little-known mechanisms that may answer the question.

A.D. Speransky 1. had similar questions about the action of various toxins. L. Friedland 2. reported similar questions. With extensive sets of well-documented experiments, it has been shown that any bacteria or virus will induce a certain response in the human body if the body is injured in a certain way. Introduction of the same poison into the body in different locations gives different response. The different response then is not due to the toxin by to what the body does about it. Speransky reported that Novocaine injections into the nerve pathway blocked the development of the pathology. Friedland and his group tried putting the patient under deep anaesthesia to cancel out the usual response of the nerve system. They found that classic pneumonia did not develop with the person anaesthetised. This brought more serious questions about the scope of the nerve response. Next they tried injecting a lethal dose of KCN, which is the strong poisoning used in house fumigation and killing of butterflies. Cats injected with this poison went into convulsions and sudden death. Others injected while under deep anaesthesia had the poison circulate in the blood stream and soon excreted through the parotid gland. When the saliva no longer smelled like peach pits the cats came out from under the anaesthesia with no ill effects. The only answer is that the damage from such strong poison is the nerve response to the specific stimulus. Hence, the pathological reflex is the killer, not the KCN.

Seransky had noted that various chemical poisons set up typical pathologies in the body depending upon which nerves were irritated. The same poison at different responses. By simple mechanical pressure of a glass bead at the base of the brain, he was able to successively duplicate a similar series of peptic ulcers, and other general pathologies. Speransky reported blocking the development of tetanus by injecting Novocaine into the sciatic nerve. Next, they did equally good blocking within normal serum. Finally, they reported blocking the development of tetanus by injecting a diluted dose of the toxin itself into the nerve pathway. These data showed vividly that the nerve response is critical to any normal as well as nay pathological response.

A.N. Gordienko 3. had shown clearly that the immune response is utterly dependant upon the normal function of the nerve system. The antigen is acting as a specific nerve irritant to induce complex reflex response of white cell production and distribution, as well as the specific antibody production.

These neurological functions are not well publicised but have been known for many years. By extrapolation, it is very easy to see a parallel in the induction of multiple sclerosis symptoms by the specific nerve stimulus of mercury vapour from the amalgam. Lest we jump to extreme conclusions and say that all amalgam is causing these severe problems. Let us remember that it is impossible to infect a normal, healthy cell without first injuring it in a specific manner. Of 10 persons exposed to the same virus of bacteria, the one most tired and injured will be the first and often the only one to be “infected”. Of the many persons with numerous amalgam fillings, there will be a few with the nerve system vulnerable through injury. They will be the ones with the dramatic story of severe symptoms and recovery. Others will never have developed the serious pathologies, but will have undue chronic fatigue. Removing their amalgams will make only a slightly noticeable difference. The fact that many persons have many fillings but do not have multiple sclerosis does not mean that one person cannot have the pathology caused by the irritant of mercury vapours. It simply demonstrates that the majority are able to withstand adverse injury without major symptoms. This is the case with the Los Angeles smog not killing many, but it is a health detriment. It has caused many deaths in the old and weak persons with vulnerable nerve systems. The “miracle” is not that a few die during epidemics and toxic waste exposure, but that so many live through the damage. Over 90% of the adults in the United States show tubercular scars on the lungs, but very few have the clinical symptoms. Over 90 percent of the adults also have Epstein-Barre virus but most of them show no symptoms.

We have shown that multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders, and arthritis as a result of mercury vapour from amalgams would be through nerve reflexes. The nerve system would have to be below resistance for this to occur. The fact that the majority do not show major pathology does not deny the existence of the connection. Yes, there is apparently a danger but it is not devastating to every person.

Dr David Howard
David Howard has been practising Holistic Dentistry since 1990 when he ceased doing Root Canals and Amalgam fillings. Many years of study and experience have made him a leader in the field and a safe pair of hands for the patient intending to shift from the old to the new paradigm of dentistry.
Dr David Howard

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