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Root Cause by Netflix

Root Cause By Netflix

I think the documentary is terrific. The scientific information is 1st class.

I have minor differences with some of the dentists on the clinical techniques. As a dentist who actually does the work I disagree with some of their opinions in particular the success of the bonded bridges.

I have been following the principles presented in the film since 1990. Each week I remove numbers of dead and root filled teeth. Sometimes we get miracle cures (we have some great stories) but often the presenters experience is true i.e. the removal of the infected teeth allows things to slowly recover.

The issue of cavitations was well dealt with, though I was not taught to use Ozone, but to use the technique of Neural Therapy to help heal the socket.

I think the issue of Zirconia Implants was well dealt with. The honesty of the doctor who discussed their efficacy was commendable. They certainly work. Patients often choose them but many choose bridges as well, as they can work better in many situations.

I think the film will be important for lots of people as it shines a light on the issues of infected teeth very watchable way.

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