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Why is a rootfilled tooth a major health hazard?

Why Is A Rootfilled Tooth A Major Health Hazard?

The root canal in a health tooth contains not only the nerve but also the blood vessels that supply the tooth with oxygen and nourishment. When the root canal is “cleaned out” the tooth has to die. Common theory says that when the canal is filled it seals the outside of the tooth, no deteriorating substances from the tooth can come into the body. This theory, accepted by most dentists, overlooks the fact that “the dentine is transversed by fine parallel canaliculi in which elements of connective tissues are present such as: autonomic fibres, capillary and lymphatic vessels.” As the protein in the dentine decays, its still living cells transport the poison coming from the tooth. “Treatment” with antibiotics is not only useless, it also aggravates the situation.

Due to the fact that there are inner connections between certain areas of the jawbone and the inner organs the affected systems will never heal. A rootfilled front tooth will therefore very likely cause a chronic problem with kidneys and ovaries. Extracting such a tooth will have no effect unless the bone is thoroughly cleaned out. If this condition remains long enough it will gradually also affect the still healthy teeth on either side.


Experiments have shown that when a material is injected in the region of a dead tooth, this substance can be found in the dead tooth itself within 4-5 hours of the original injection. Radioactive thyroxine has been placed inside the cavity of a dead tooth and then sealed so that none of it could get out. Within 24 hours some of this material could be detected in the thyroid.

Dr. Horst Poehlmann, Ph.D., M.B.B.S.
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Dr. Horst Poehlmann Ph.D. M.B.B.S.

Dr. Horst Poehlmann Ph.D. M.B.B.S.

Dr. Horst Poehlmann Ph.D. M.B.B.S.

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